Pelvic Floor Dysfunction with Dr. Kelli Berzuk

Friday, April 21, 2017
10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Approved for 2 Primary Credits

Course is limited to 100 participants

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This is lecture-based session with group discussion and time for Q&A

In this course, participants will review the anatomy of the pelvic floor muscle (PFM), the causes of dysfunction and the impact of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (PFD) has on quality of life.

Learn what you can do as a healthcare professional to ensure your clients have access to the appropriate treatment options.


• To understand the functions of the PFM and its role in bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction, pelvic pain and pelvic organ prolapse.
• To appreciate the prevalence of PFD.
• To list medical treatment options and to become familiar with the role of pelvic floor physiotherapy in the conservative management of PFD.

**NOTE: participants will not be qualified to perform internal vaginal and rectal examination or pelvic floor treatment but will have an understanding of how important the PFM is and its role in PFD when the muscle is unhealthy. This presentation will review what pelvic floor physiotherapy can offer and when referrals are appropriate.


Dr. Kelli Berzuk

Dr. Kelli Berzuk is a pelvic floor physiotherapist and the owner and founder of IPPC-Incontinence & Pelvic Floor Clinic (Division of Nova Physiotherapy) located in the Medical Arts Building. For the past twenty years, she has focused her clinical practice to the specialty of pelvic floor dysfunction and the treatment of bladder, bowel, and sexual dysfunction, pelvic pain and pelvic organ prolapse.

She received her post-graduate pelvic floor education through the American Physical Therapy Association, Certification in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation and Continence through the University of Melbourne, Australia, and a Master of Science and PhD in Urogyne-Colorectal Medicine at the University of Manitoba.

She is an advocate for the prevention and correction of pelvic floor dysfunction in women, men and children and has presented at hundreds of functions to raise awareness to the importance of pelvic floor health. Dr. Berzuk is the author and publisher of the self-help book, “I Laughed So Hard I Peed My Pants! A Woman’s Essential Guide for Improved Bladder Control.”

In 2012, Dr. Berzuk was nationally recognized within the first-ever graduating class of Canadian Physiotherapy Clinical Specialists and the same year awarded the Distinguished Service Award for her lifetime dedication to education, research and clinical practice in the field of Women’s Health. In 2013, the University of Manitoba awarded her with the Distinguished Dissertation Award for her ground-breaking research thesis, “Effects of Increasing Awareness of Pelvic Floor Muscle (PFM) Function on Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (PFD).”

Dr. Berzuk sits on several provincial, national and international Boards and Committees. She is the Past-President for the Women’s Health Research Foundation of Canada, sits on the Editorial Board for the Current Sexual Health Reports journal, and is a Reviewer for several international urogynacology journals for the promotion of research in pelvic floor health.

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