Scar Tissue Management with Catherine Ryan RMT and Nancy Keeney Smith LMT, MLD

April 22 AND 23, 2017
8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Approved for 14 Primary credits
Course is limited to 40 participants

$580 +GST

$754 +GST

Fee includes: course manual and lunch

Enhance your ability to work safely and effectively with scar tissue clients from instructors that practice what they teach!

Lead by 2 primary instructors with extensive scar management experience and expertise, this course provides a unique learning opportunity, infused with humour and loaded with easy to integrate, practical skills and knowledge!

The course content is drawn from the instructor’s book: Traumatic Scar Tissue Management – Massage Therapy Principles, Practice and Protocols (Handspring 2016) – a culmination of 40+ years of clinical experience supported by current research and evidence informed best practices.

Course content includes: 
Foundational Sciences: systems involved in and the process of wound healing/scar formation, features of different types of scars and MT scope-appropriate biopsychosocial considerations for people with traumatic scars.

Assessment, Charting and Treatment:  scar assessment, measurement and evaluation methods, sample charting forms and stage/presentation appropriate techniques for addressing the primary systems/tissues involved (nerves, lymph & blood vascular, skin, fascia and muscle). Participants are encouraged to use their mobile device to record instructor demos for their own ongoing reference.


Participants in this great course can expect to:

·      Identify/Recognize the primary systems involved in wound healing and the target tissues for manual scar tissue treatment and understand their primary functions.

·      Understand the wound healing process (normal and abnormal).

·      Identify/Recognize different types of pathophysiological scars and understand the impact on the patient.

·      Understand/Implement assessment, measurement and evaluation procedures.

·      Understand/implement scar treatment principles, practice and protocols (including effective communication).

The overarching learning outcomes are to assist the professional with improving their critical thinking, clinical reasoning and scar assessment and treatment skills in order to achieve consistently safe and effective treatment outcomes.

Whether the client’s scar tissue was brought on by cancer treatment, burn injury, surgery, auto-accident, or other trauma, skillfully-applied and timely intervention can help prevent detrimental complications, reduce pain, restore function and improve quality of life.


Traumatic Scar Tissue Management will be available for sale at a special discounted price for course participants.

Learn more about the book, fascia and working with scars here.


Nancy Keeney Smith LMT, MLD is a Board Certified Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Lymph Drainage Therapist, and a Florida and NCBTMB Provider of Scar Management Workshops. Nancy’s Scar Management Workshops have been taught internationally to massage school students, LMT’s, PT’s and OT’s. Nancy is the co-author of Traumatic Scar Tissue Management – Massage Therapy Principles, Practice and Protocols (Handspring 2016), contributing author to several publications, published researcher on pediatric burn scars, a member of the Associate Research Team at the Florida School of Massage in Gainesville, Florida, founder and Director of The Happy Plus Foundation, former 1st VP of the AMTA Florida Chapter, member of the American Burn Association, and the National Lymphedema Association.

Catherine Ryan RMT is a clinician, educator and writer with a strong interest in patient-centered care, evidence informed practices, and life-long learning. Her post-graduate education has mainly focused on various myofascial approaches taught by international experts. Over her diverse, 25+ year, career she has been engaged in the profession in a variety of clinical, educational and leadership capacities. As an educator and writer Cathy is most known for her keen interest in fascia and research translation. She has contributed extensively to industry publications and is the co-author of Traumatic Scar Tissue Management – Massage Therapy Principles, Practice and Protocols (Handspring 2016). In addition to teaching in-person workshops, Cathy offers several approved distance education courses available at www.TouchU.ca. Cathy can be reached at: cryanrmt@gmail.com


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